Tuesday, April 25, 2006

LW can not be held responsible for CASH lost in mail... Would you trust LITTLE Scott- 'WigAOK9' ?

"LW can not be held responsible for CASH lost in mail..." (their words), Would you trust LITTLE Scott- 'WigAOK9' ?

LW receives ONLY cash in an envelope:

We had our first donation via snail mail this year on Monday! Thanks RyGuy!

Who controls the cash-flow donations sent to that P.O. Box, as you know LW accepts only cash...?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Give it a round of applause for Chelsey- c_j she has a "unique" way of doing things

As with many issues with moderating, each moderator has their own individual way of going about things. Of course you can't always have 100% agreemen

Know what the problem with these BALLOONS human beings?
They actually think that they're "respected" in ANY WAY!

Just take another look at: http://golivewirewatch.blogspot.com and see how this lowlife has banned peaceful sweet anti-racist: zulu.

Friday, April 21, 2006

When a creep is arrogant - The "lovable/humble" NOT Chelsey c_j asks: 'Need I mention a second time'?

Need I mention a second time,

Need we mention how "honorable" her "honor" is?
What a creep, nah that's' way too mild.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bang! tang-tang-tang-tang tangggggg...! (Tangaroa's Troll-a-mania)


Are you a troll, or are you serious? If you are a troll, then there is no
point trying to talk to you, if you are serious, then your attempts to convert
people are very unwelcome, please stop.

Troll, not troll, troll troll?, not troll troll? LMAO.
Testing, testing the water again, this loser Tangaroa (Thomas) can't figure it out, poor tang, let's "feel" for him, he is so into "who is who" and so occupied 24/7 in banning members, removing posts without any real serious analysis of course.
Oh, well, let him bang his empty head in the wall, again.
Oops, wait, there is more "troll-mania" from Thomas = TANGAROA:

No, thats exactly right, its a trolling organisation, even their name is a

He's really INTO it, no less YAWNING than his "beloved" Texan Irish radical racist vomiting: Jonathan = abspwnsyou/angrybellsprout/lollerskate is into (repetition of) lines like: "then again" or "coming from the same people".

c j - family "problems", Does Chelsey speak with ANYONE of her blood relatives?

C J (The Moderator that bans anyone with an opinion she doesn't "like").

Not everyone has living grandparents, nor does everyone live with or
with their blood relatives.


So her "problems" are off LW too, hmmm, imagine his family's relations with this bitch, poor c j, tissues anyone?

Hey childish moron little shitty c j, I am more blond-white than you are but I don't need so much make up, especially not on my lips - like you or that buddy of yours: racist: "abs" - abspwnsyou Jonathan, the desperate (!!!) male with make-up on his cheeks (photo is archived...) , yuck.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tell me who your role models are & I'll tell you... - "TiMmMeE" to "WigAOK9": Can I kiss your ass? (both are moderators)

Tim replies to Artistic Brain's thread of 2006 LW awards...

WigAOK9 Name of award: Best senior moderator Reason: He's my big brother
moderator. He's always the voice of reason when the team is indecisive. I think
we all secretly look up to Scott. Link proving this reason: look at him yawn
because of all the time he spends on LiveWire. (Edited by TiMmMeE at 12:15 am on
April 6, 2006)


Do you believe he even edited it?


"TiMmMeE" to "WigAOK9":

Hey I have a serious question, about this member, you know, Shall we ban him or not?

"WigAOK9": Ban him, ban him!

Hey I have a serious question, about another member, you know, Shall we ban him also...

"WigAOK9" (interrupts): Ban him, ban him!

"TiMmMeE" to "WigAOK9": Hey I have a serious question, about another member, he really violates all standard, but you see, problem is... he's one of 'ours' you know, our "team"? You know, hmmm, I dunno what to do? hmmm...


Oh, that's a serious question, wait don't do anything I will "take care of it".

TiMmMeE: OK, ok I am so relieved, you have no idea, you are so, so wise, I knew I can count on your "wisdon", you have such a great input.

Now, can I kiss your ass?


Tell me who your role models are & I'll tell you...

The Idiot of the day : c j (moderator c_j, Chelsey)

The Idiot of the day : c j (moderator)
Replies to a thread "what's good about lw, did it help you"?


I don't know if it's so much 'helped' me but I have enjoyed it. It helps me do something constructive with my leisure
and I've met some friends through it.


Can you laugh loud enough?

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Irish bigot of Texas that started the main hate on other races/religions/cultures

The following was posted on golivewire, but we edited the proper langauge:
Of course medjai removed it.. lol

By poster: C.

abspwnsyou, (& other accounts he has like: lollerskate, angrybellsprout, Ben Gurion, 0124... )
The same radical nazi bigot: Irish Catholic From Texas, that has posted so much hatred against other races, religions & on other colors..

Am I giving the most disliked poster too much attention ? some say here.
Well, isn't it about time he sees how of a sick stalker he is onto so many posters?
At least he's got his BLOODY hands full whining to moderators to please remove any exposure on him.

That *** poster*** that actually started all hate on LW (since 3 years already)!

The reason for this blog

For a very long time a "team" of very few 'bad apples', with a clear agenda, have been doing with LW as they would wish.
That includes:

Preferential treatment to whoever is in the "team".

Policy derived by arrogance instead of real meaning.

Covering for destructive posters for too long.

Though it exist already a very known serious documented site: http://golivewirewatch.blogspot.com (or on their multiple backup sites...) , I don't think we'll be so delicate on members as they're there.